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Siren Tuesdays launched so that women could meet weekly, drink wine, work on their creative projects, discuss market trends and provide critiques on each other's work. Siren Tuesdays is a free initiative which works to elevate women towards sustained entrepreneurial roles and C-Level positions. Many women of Siren Tuesdays have even launched their own businesses. 

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Every week, Siren Tuesdays begin with a guided discussion about trends in the creative tech industry. We share, laugh and are inspired by artists, designers, spirituality, technology, and business.  After the discussion, we break off and get to working on our own projects.


You are free to work on any project you would like! Many women have personal or professional works and use Siren Tuesdays as an opportunity to have fun while co-working in a creative environment. If you don't have anything in particular to work on, no worries! Click here to see previous and upcoming topics. 



We encourage you to use our 

meetings to try out new software,

approaches or techniques you've

never tried before. If one of us knows how to do something that another doesn't, we SHARE. We help each other. ​Everyone has a chance to share their knowledge , skillset, expertise and vulnerabilities. We are all students; and we are all teachers. 

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We love to laugh and listen to music while we work! BYOB and have a toast with us to celebrate the start of a productive



During the last 30 minutes of each session; we invite each Siren to share what they've been working on. There is no pressure to share (but we love when you do!). We try to facilitate open and safe conversation. We open the floor to critiques (totally optional). We do our best to be constructive and encouraging. We work to build you up!

Not to tear you down.  





Many Sirens have launched their own businesses. We stand with you. After all, only .1% of all creative agencies are founded by womxn. Let us know what you need to thrive! We will do our best to provide a safe creative space, and hook you up with useful info.





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